Photo Gallery

Self-produced CD 1997
Kleen McKeen solo guitar CD 2007-ish
New Years Eve with The Alibi Band
Fourth Of July
He told me there wasn't any film in the camera
Pat's First Band
Fidelity- Mike Hall, Andy Hall and Scott Ihms
Splash with Gale Cooper, Steve Pejsar, Bruce McCracken and Marcia McCracken
The Rockin' Fossils with Steve Pejsar, Kim Kramer and Gale Cooper
The Pop Rocks with Tony Hillhouse, James Fairchild and Ed Wyatt
The Sidetrack Band with Johnny Helwick, Joyce Durand and Paul Newton
The Divebombers Club with Heath Cole and Tony Hillhouse
17 year old Pat
P.O. Pears Fence
Pat as Zero the Fly-whacker

Pat's Artwork

Waah! Colored pencil drawing
pencil drawing
ink drawing
Doorway #5
Caribou acrylic painting
Cat Nap acrylic painting
Dad at age 21 water-miscible oil painting
Fixing Gramma's Bike pencil drawing
Leif with Hat pencil drawing
Blue Goat acrylic painting
Rose is a Rose water-miscible oil (my first painting - 2000)
Oil Selfie
pencil sketch for "scissors" painting
Misty water-miscible oil
Those Damned Scissors acrylic
Hamer Guitar front
Hamer Guitar back
Still Life with Tea Ball pencil drawing
Peeking Moon colored pencil


Keep Your Gear Running
Looking For Isaac - kids book
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